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Sales Representation for Aviation Parts Manufacturers, PMA Holders, and Repair Facilities

Aerosup provides aviation parts manufacturers, PMA Holders and Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul facilities, reliable and cost effective means of promoting their products and services globally. Through are sales offices and highly trained staff, and an established network of agents around the world combined with the most advanced computer technology and internet marketing techniques, we help OEM's and PMA holders expand their reach and offer customers around the world the highest level of pre-sale and post-sale product support available in the aviation industry.

Your aviation parts and services will be promoted in the specified territory and development of new business opportunities for your products and services. We will provide you with information related to market trends, regulatory compliance, customers requirements, competitors positioning, and market analysis on supported aviation products and services.

We will also provide you around the clock sales and support personnel to solicit, develop, promote and maintain the sale of your aviation products, PMA parts or aircraft repair and overhaul services actively.



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