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Today, airlines on every continent have an increasing demand for the PMA (Parts Manufacturer Approval) parts. The use of high-quality PMA parts has given airlines the cost savings that are translated into operational economy. Airlines are now working directly with PMA suppliers to develop replacement parts as a hedge against what they view as the monopoly pricing power of OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers). Aerosup supports & distributes high-quality PMA parts to airline and other independent MRO shops around the world. All PMA parts distributed by Aerosup Inc. are certified to meet or exceed today's FAA and industry standards. Our goal has been to help our customers reduce operating costs by providing high quality, cost effective alternatives to the OEM.

FAA has a system of granting approval called as Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) which permits the holder to manufacture and supply aircraft parts to OEMs, repair agencies and operators in lieu of parts manufactured by OEM provided such parts manufacture has the approval of FAA. Use of such parts does not in any way affect the airworthiness of the aircraft. Such parts are identical in design specifications and part number to that of original manufacturer. Such parts are not bogus parts. They meet the drawing and material specifications and are manufactured under approval. Often, PMA parts are cheaper than the OEM parts as PMA holder does not have to make any investment on research and development. The PMA parts are identified by OEM's part number with either a prefix or suffix to differentiate it from OEM part number and to have traceability. Please read the FAA Bulletin on PMA parts validity.

If you'd like more information on PMA parts, please read our blog regarding "FAA opinion on PMA Parts"









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