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Our Quality Commitment

Being an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, AEROSUP is dedicated to render quality products and service that follows the company policies and processes in every aspect of its operations.

Aerosup Avionics is a Certified FAA 145 Repair Station complying with most stringent air agency quality requirements.

We aim to meet and exceed our internal quality measures and our external customer expectations through continuous quality improvement. We follow strict and rigorous quality standards in every aspect of our operations. At AEROSUP safety and accountability is always placed above all.

Customer Satisfaction

AEROSUP's competent and responsive representatives are ready to assist you with the right combination of high-standard products, processes and integrated services. They are adept in searching for difficult to find parts and they are our customers' greatest ally in obtaining even their most specific or stringent industry quality requirements.

Order Processing / Quality Control

We do not simply market and deliver superb products. Too often, receiving the wrong kind of product causes delays in production and can create a multitude of problems. By implementing innovative techniques, our finest suppliers and attentive employees make sure that customers get the actual goods and services they have requested.

Products are inspected prior to acceptance and after careful review; all orders are processed and shipped according to the client's delivery requirements. We aim to provide the most economical rates and superior packaging and handling.

Environmental Support

Aerosup is a proud member of which support which seeks solutions to reduce noise and air pollutions created by aviation companies. They promote continued commitment improvement of environmental performance.

New technologies are being developed to significantly decrease greenhouse gas emissions from aviation. These includes technological innovation, operational efficiency, infrastructure improvements, and economic measures.








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