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Landing Gear Components

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The Landing gear or Undercarriage is the component (usually the wheel) that supports an aircraft on the ground and enables it to taxi. In a traditional aircraft, the gear composes of two main wheels below, the forward part of the fuselage and a tail wheel. It usually includes wheels incorporated with shock absorbers for solid ground, although some aircrafts are equipped with skis for snow or floats for water, and/or skids for helicopters.

General Electric has more than 40 years knowledge in manufacturing hard-metal landing gear components and assemblies. They are the leading developer of rotorcraft landing gears and components. They design, develop and manufacture completely integrated landing gear actuation systems for large civil aircraft.

GE also managed to have a excellent reputation for development milestones by having a complete, design-through-delivery capability for full- up aircraft, rotorcraft and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) landing gear systems.

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Landing Gear Repair

Aerosup has exclusive partnership with KRAUSS GmbH Aviation Technologies and KRAUSS (China) Aviation Technologies Co. Ltd., which is consider the leading aircraft repair stations with expertise in Landing Gear Repairs. Facilities are in Germany, China, and Brazil. Almost all Landing Gear components from Fokker and Embraer-Types can be repaired.

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