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Business jets are necessary, effective and useful tools of the contemporary worldwide economy, but the present economic and financial problems resulted in rising cost pressures on owners and operators of these jets. For these reason, new generationse aircrafts were developed ever since the late nineties which has been a major boost to executives to in reaching customers and suppliers worldwide. At the center of this insurgency, integrated avionics systems have developed radically in terms of their capabilities and efficiency, giving one of a kind reach to users at the same time considerably improving safety.

The business aviation avionics market has a $2 billion annual market is currently experiencing Technological growth.

One of the major producer of business jets avionics is Honeywell, they manufactures a comprehensive set of business jets avionics and cabin systems which includes integrated avionics and information systems, cabin management systems and cabin communication services.

Other major producers are Garmin, Rockwell Collins, and Thales. Garmin is emerging to be a competent player in the general aviation and personal jet industry but Rockwell Collins and Honeywell have a larger share of the business jet segments. On the other, hales has is showing potential to acquire significant share of the market.

Aerosup offers aircraft avionics parts on Business Jets from these major producers, for the list, kindly refer to the list of items below.

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ATAPart NumberManufacturerRFQ
KN 72 VOR-LOC Converter Model No. KN-72 006-00142-0001 Honeywell
KN 75 Glideslope Receiver Model No. KN-75 006-00150-0001 Honeywell
KN 75 Glideslope Receiver Model No. KN-75 006-0150-0001 Honeywell
DME Ramp Test Set Model No. 331 006-0324-00 Kustom
KN 72 VOR-LOC Converter Model No. KN-72 006-05142-0002 Honeywell
NAV Receiver Model No. KNR-634 006-05188-XXXX Honeywell
KPA-900 Operators Guide Model No. KPA-900 Operators Guide 006-05392-0000 Honeywell
Pilots Guide Model No. CAS-67A - TCAS II 006-08499-0000 Allied Signal
Area Nav Computer -RNAV- Model No. KNC-610 006-5033-00 Honeywell
Altitude Selector Model No. KAS-297 006-5202-01 Bendix-King
Color Radar Indicator Model No. RS-842A 006-5237-01 Allied Signal
Radar Graphics Computer Model No. GC-361A 006-5678-00 Allied Signal
Vaneaxial Fan Model No. AO-15497-2 009-1376-000 Collins
Vaneaxial Fan Model No. AO-16150-3 009-1377-000 Collins
Vaneaxial Fan Model No. AO-14995 009-1395-000 Collins
Vaneaxial Fan Model No. AO-24088 009-1415-000 Collins
Tubeaxial Model No. AO-44122 009-1617-000 Collins
Vaneaxial Fan Model No. AO-19046 009-3047-000 Collins
KCT - Video Card Model No. 009-7155-00 009-7155-00 Honeywell
KCT - Sync Card Model No. 009-7164-00 009-7164-00 Honeywell
Power Supply Assembly Model No. 01-0790099-00 01-0790099-00 Whelen
ST-60 - Programmer-Annunciator Model No. 0102 0102 S-TEC
Exciter Model No. Alpha-10 0104000 Genave
ST-60 - Roll Servo Model No. 0105 0105 S-TEC
Transmitter Model No. Alpha-10-Alpha-100-Alpha-100-360 0105000 Genave
ST-60 - Roll Servo Model No. 0106 0106 S-TEC
LF Oscillator -1 frequency- Model No. Alpha-10 0106000 Genave
Antenna Model No. UDA-3 01063-0101 Narco
DME Antenna Model No. DME Antenna 01063-0102 Narco
Antenna Model No. UDA-3 01063-102 Narco
HF Oscillator -1 frequency- Model No. Alpha-10 0107000 Genave
ST-60 - Computer Model No. 0109 0109 S-TEC
GMA 340 - Audio Panel Model No. GMA 340 011-00401 Garmin
GNS-530 Model No. GNS-530 011-00550-X0 Garmin
GPS-500 Model No. GPS-500 011-00562-X0 Garmin
GNS-530 Model No. GNS-530 011-00835-X0 Garmin
Panel Unit Model No. AT5-A Panel Unit 01140-0101 Narco
Remote Unit Model No. AT5-A Remote Unit 01141-0101 Narco
Audio Panel Model No. CP-125 TSO 01184-0101 Narco
Audio Panel Model No. CP-126 TSO 01184-0102 Narco
ADF Receiver- with Tray Model No. ADF-140 01185-0103 Narco
MK V GPWC Flight Line Maintenance Guide Model No. Mark V GPWS 012-0643-001 Allied Signal
Altitude Reporter Model No. AR-500 01207-0101 Narco
Receiver Unit with Tray Model No. ADF-141 01248-0101 Narco
VHF Comm Antenna Model No. ANT-251 013-1575-010 Collins
Tray Assembly Model No. Tray Assembly 01372-0103 Narco
Mounting Tray Model No. Mounting Tray 01372-0113 Narco
Mounting Bracket Assembly Model No. Mounting Bracket Assembly 01475-1370 Narco
LF Oscillator Model No. Alpha-100 0152000 Genave
HF Oscillator Model No. Alpha-100 0153000 Genave
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