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The airbus A340-300 is categorized as a Long range wide body airliner

This is the first version, it was initially operated by Lufthansa and Air France in March of 1993. It is equipped by 4 CFMI CFM56-5C engines, like to the -200. Its 2 closest rivals are the Boeing 777-200ER and, previously, the McDonnell-Douglas MD-11, which is no longer in assembly.

One of the heavyweight version of this aircraft is the A340-313X which was first delivered to Singapore Airlines in April of 1996, however Singapore Airlines no longer operates this model.

The A340-313E is the newest variant of this type and was first given to Swiss International Air Lines in 2003.


295 passengers


A340-200 - Wing span 60.30m (197ft 0in), length 59.39m (194ft 10in), height 16.74m (54ft 11in). Wing area 363.1m2 (3908.4sq ft).

A340-300 - Same except for length 63.70m (209ft 0in).


Speed and Range

Maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) of 276.5 tones with typical range with 295 passengers of between 7,200 and 7,400 nautical miles


34,000 lbf (151 kN) thrust CFMI CFM56-5C4s.

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ATAPart NumberA/C TypeRFQ
PDU CONTROL BOX 250006648-801AIRBUS A340-200/300
LGCIU 32003LG034CAIRBUS A340-200/300
LGCIU 32005LG005BAIRBUS A340-200/300
CONTROL PANEL CRYPTO HF 23023850060-1AIRBUS A340-200/300
FILTER 29034100AA000PC0AAIRBUS A340-200/300
ELEMENT-SENSING 3604-035636-002-310AIRBUS A340-200/300
VHF COM TRANSCVR*RTA44D 23064-50000-0202AIRBUS A340-200/300
VHF COM TRANSC. RTA-44D 23064-50000-0505AIRBUS A340-200/300
SFCC 27065-50000-0304AIRBUS A340-200/300
SFCC 27065-50000-0404AIRBUS A340-200/300
SLAT FLAP CTRL CPTR 27065-50000-0509AIRBUS A340-200/300
COMMAND SENSOR UNIT 27065-50001-0100AIRBUS A340-200/300
COMMAND SENSOR UNIT 27065-50001-0200AIRBUS A340-200/300
TRANSPONDER-ATC 34066-01127-1101AIRBUS A340-200/300
ATC MODE S TRANSPONDER 34066-01127-1402AIRBUS A340-200/300
COMPUTER-TCAS 34066-50000-1208AIRBUS A340-200/300
COMPUTER-TCAS 34066-50000-2120AIRBUS A340-200/300
COMPUTER-TCAS 34066-50000-2220AIRBUS A340-200/300
WEATHER RADAR TRANSCEIVER 34066-50008-0405AIRBUS A340-200/300
VOR/MARK. RECEIVER*RVA36B 34066-50012-0202AIRBUS A340-200/300
VOR/MARK. RECEIVER,RVA36B 34066-50012-0212AIRBUS A340-200/300
DME INTERROGATOR 34066-50013-0202AIRBUS A340-200/300
ADF RECEIVER 34066-50014-0202AIRBUS A340-200/300
ANTENNE TCAS 34071-50001-8104AIRBUS A340-200/300
BEAM STEERING UNIT 23071-50014-0203AIRBUS A340-200/300
DIPLEXER LNA 23071-50015-0100AIRBUS A340-200/300
DIPLEXER LNA 23071-50015-0200AIRBUS A340-200/300
COMBINER 23071-50016-0100AIRBUS A340-200/300
HIGH POWER RELAY 23071-50017-0100AIRBUS A340-200/300
SHUT OFF VALVE 780711480-001AIRBUS A340-200/300
SHUT OFF VALVE 780711480-002AIRBUS A340-200/300
VALVE-SHUT 780711480-003AIRBUS A340-200/300
SHUT OFF VALVE 780711480-005AIRBUS A340-200/300
SHUT OFF VALVE 780711480-006AIRBUS A340-200/300
SONDE PITOT 340851HLAIRBUS A340-200/300
BRAKE ACCUMULATOR 32085878-04645AIRBUS A340-200/300
ACCUMULATEUR-POWER 29086339-04645AIRBUS A340-200/300
DETECTOR ICE 300871DP3AIRBUS A340-200/300
DETECTOR ICE 300871DP4AIRBUS A340-200/300
BRAKE ACCUMULATOR 32088256-04644AIRBUS A340-200/300
ACCUMULATEUR-POWER 29088259-04644AIRBUS A340-200/300
INVERTER-STATIC 241-002-0102-0317AIRBUS A340-200/300
LAMPE SECOURS REPOS PNC 2510-1288-5AIRBUS A340-200/300
LAVATORY OCCUPIED 3310-1315-1AIRBUS A340-200/300
IGNITION EXCITER H ENERGY 7410-617980-1AIRBUS A340-200/300
EXCITER- IGNITION- CF6-80 AND CFM56- 7110-631045-1AIRBUS A340-200/300
EXCITER- IGNITION- CF6-80 AND CFM56 7110-631045-2AIRBUS A340-200/300
IGNITION EXCITER 11 7410-631045-2BAIRBUS A340-200/300
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