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Boeing 737-300 Airplane

The B737 is categorized as a short to medium range narrow body jet airliner. It was initially designed as a shorter version of B707 and B727. It has a total of 9 basic variants which are the B737-100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, and 900. The originals are the -100, and -200 while the classics are -300,-400 and -500.

The 737 series is the most-ordered and most-produced jet airliner in history as of April 2009. There are over 1,250 737s airborne at any given time, with one departing or landing somewhere every five seconds on average.

The initial airlines that launched the B737-300 were USAir and Southwest Airlines. The aircraft can accommodate 128 passengers from a 2 class seat configuration. Different editions have been completed to B737’s formerly in operation. The 737-300 upgraded with winglets is named the -300SP. Some B737 -300 planes have also been modified to freighter versions.

Flightcrew of two
maximum capacity of 149 passengers

Overall length 33.4m (105ft 7in), Wing span 28.88m (94ft 9in), height 11.13m (36ft 6in). Wing area 105.4m2 (1135sq ft).

MTOW 63,275kg (139,500lbs)
Operating empty 32,881kg (72,490lb), standard max takeoff 56,740kg (124,500lb), high gross weight option 62,823kg (138,500lb).

Speed and Range
Cruising speed - Mach 0.74 (485 mph, 780 km/h)
Maximum speed - Mach 0.82 (544 mph, 876 km/h, 473 kt)

Two 89.0kN (20,000lb) CFM International CFM563B1 turbofans, or optionally two 97.9kN (22,000lb) CFM563B2s.

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