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FAA has issued a (SAIB) Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin. It informs the aviation community about supporting the COS (Continued Operational Safety). These includes owners, operators, and certificated repair and maintenance providers of the responsibilities of type and production certificate (TC/PC) holders, supplemental type certificate (STC) holders, and the parts manufacturer approval (PMA) holders

FAA stressed the reason why replacements parts has evolved, it's because owners and operators are continuously searching for ways to reduce maintenance expenses. This has affected some engine manufacturers. They are concerned that support for these replacement parts will be limited.

The problem was anticipated by FAA.  They are aware that TC/PC holder has no information or records about the PMA and STC parts installed in the product so they, can only evaluate the airworthiness and systems effects of their parts installed in the product. For that reason, FAA established supplemental ICAs, new airworthiness limitations, and other conditions to ensure the safe integration of the PMA and STC parts into the product as they addressed the need for it.

Owners and operators are eventually accountable for the safety and airworthiness of the parts, which involves being accountable for the configuration control of the parts. They must guarantee that any replacement part installed in the product is approved for that installation. Also they need to make sure that they pursue any supplemental ICA that may have been made for that part.

FAA provided notes with regards to the to the installation of FAA-approved replacement parts. The recommendations from FAA were as follows:

  1. "FAA-approved TC/PC holder, PMA, and STC parts are interchangeable within the certificated product since they are approved only after a full demonstration of compliance to the applicable requirements of Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR). A PMA or STC part, when FAA-approved for installation on a certificated product, is a valid replacement part to the TC/PC holder part according to 14 CFR;"
  2. "Unless stated otherwise as a limitation to an STC, the FAA has determined and the applicant has shown that FAA-approved life limits established for the TC/PC holder parts remain unchanged for those TC/PC holder parts when PMA or STC parts are installed elsewhere within the product. For example, the life limit for a TC/PC holder disk is unchanged and remains in effect when PMA blades are installed in that disk;"
  3. " The FAA approves the content of an ALS and ICA based upon its review of the substantiating data provided by an applicant. Applicants for PMA or STC parts are required to assess the ICA requirements. A PMA or STC applicant either shows and states that the product's ICA are still valid with their part installed or provides a supplemental ICA for any differences; and"
  4. "TC/PC holders, PMA holders, and STC holders are responsible for the COS support in accordance with the applicable standards for their parts and products which they have designed and produced."


bob jardee

Would you know if there is a reference chart that shows Grimes landing lights and which aircraft thet are used on. Reference Grimes landing light p/n to specific aircraft. thanks.......bob

Mahmuddin Angkasa

Very Interested with your capabilities.
I hope AEROSUP expanse business in my country Indonesia. Especially with our customer GMF AEroasia ( Garuda Indonesia Airlines ). and Lion Airlines.

Bamiji Regnault

My heart desire is to have Aerosup providing aviation support to all aviation companies, airforce & govt agency in my Country Nigeria. My company intends to act as your commissioned agent in Nigeria. I have shared most of your Brochures with my colleaques in the airforce. I hope Aerosup will heed to this needs.


Safety has to be the 1st priority even if it inconveiences owners, operators, and certificated repair and maintenance providers. There is too much at risk and no room for error.



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