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Aerosup Testimonials from its Customers in the Aviation Industry


We strive to continuously improve the quality of services we offer to our clients and we are proud to have received positive comments from many of our customers over the years.

To our valued customers, we truly appreciate your wonderful testimonials and we always look forward to receiving your comments and feedbacks.

Below are some of the comments from our customers:

…you always rescued me, can be for you once again to turn out to rescue me?

I will look forward to from you answer!


Igor Pugachev / Игорь Пугачев

Chief of department of deliveries

JSC UTair Aviation

Khanti-Mansiyskiy Autonomy Area


…thank you very much for your prompt reply; it is an indication of how efficient your company is. I am really thrilled with the simplicity of searching methods for parts and the layout of RFQ. Your website looks simple and enriching to advertise to customers and to place order for product, I will prefer to work with you.



Germys Industries


Your company was very helpful and I was very satisfied with their response. Regards……Judy Gardner, Binghamton Simulator


Judy E. Gardner

Binghamton Simulator

New York

United States

Very happy with the response to our enquiries to date. Will certainly list you company as short listed service provider for our future RFQ's





Startegic Airlines

Melbourne Victoria


The support has been great. Your team responded to my request, within an appropriate time.




Adriano Dri

In-Service Support, Systems

Bombardier Aerospace

Commercial Aircraft



We are totally satisfied with your services and hope to work with you as long as possible.


Kind Regards,


Olivier Manzambi Kavako

GTRA Airways

Commune de Barumbu


I searched your address from the internet & had a good business with your company.






Kine Tibebu


Engine & Mech Prts Purchs(EMP)

Ethiopian Airlines

Addis Ababa


With more than 20 years of experience in the aviation industry, Aerosup has been the trusted partner to its clients providing solutions beyond what a traditional aircraft parts distributor might offer. Over the years we have established strong relationship with many commercial airlines, operators, MROs, OEM,s and other companies around the world including major players in the aviation industry such as:

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