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The Cessna 152 is considered an American two-seat, fixed tricycle gear, general aviation airplane, intended principally for touring, flight training and personal flying.

It was first delivered in 1977 as the 1978 was its model year; the Cessna 152 was a innovation of the proven Cessna 150 model. The 152 was planned to contend with Beechcraft Skipper and Piper Tomahawk. These aircrafts were also launched the same year.

Most of 152s were developed at the Cessna factory in Wichita, Kansas.

Its specifications are the following:


Empty Weight - A 152 in a standard configuration weighs about 500kg (1100 lbs). When fuel and some fancy avionics are added, this can be raised to 600kg (1350 lbs)

Speed and Range

Range - depends on certain variables. A 152 with long range tanks could fly as far as 690 NM (1200 km or 800 miles).

Speed - between 100 and 110 Knots (that is, 190 km/h or 115 mph). Engines

The Cessna 152 has a 4-cylinder Lycoming engine which is capable to spit out about 110 Brake Horsepower at 2550 RPM at sea level.

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ATAPart NumberA/C TypeRFQ
Shim 65030CESSNA 152
Circlip 65992CESSNA 152
Ring / CIRLIP 65994CESSNA 152
Ring 65995CESSNA 152
Tappet Valve 71105CESSNA 152
Clamp 71909CESSNA 152
Piston Ring 73998CESSNA 152
Mount Assy 77651300CESSNA 152
Power Supply A413ACESSNA 152
Oil Filter Adapter LW12999CESSNA 152
Converter LW13904CESSNA 152
Piston LW18729CESSNA 152
Elbow STD700CESSNA 152


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