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BOEING MD-11 Aviation Parts

The Boeing MD-11 is considered a medium to long-range wide body airliner. It has 2 engines built on under wing pylons and a 3rd engine at the base of the vertical stabilizer. It is like the DC-10, but it comprises a stretched fuselage, greater wingspan with winglets. It has an all-digital glass cockpit which in turn decreases the crew to 2 from the 3 that is required on the DC-10.

It was launched on December on 1986. The initial orders came Alitalia; British Caledonian; Dragonair; FedEx Express; Finnair; Korean Air; Scandinavian Airlines System; Swissair; Thai Airways International and Varig and 2 leasing companies Guinness Peat Aviation and Mitsui).

The 1st MD-11 was delivered to Finnair on December 7 of 1990.

The variants are MD-11 (Passenger), MD-11CF (Convertible Freighter), MD-11F (Freighter), MD-11C (Combi), MD-11ER (Extended Range)

The specifications of the MD-11 are the ff:


Passengers/Cargo 410 (1 class) 323 (2 class) 293 (3 class)


Fuselage Length 192 ft 5 in (58.6 m)

Wingspan 169 ft 6 in (51.70 m)

Tail height 57 ft 9 in (17.60 m)


Max takeoff weight standard: 602,500 lb (273,300 kg) heavy: 630,500 lb (286,000 kg)

Max landing weight 430,000 lb (200,000 kg)

Take-off distance at MTOW 10,300 ft (3,100 m)

Speed and Range

Max range 6,840 NM (12,655 km)

Max cruise speed 0.88 Mach (587 mph, 945 km/h, 520 kn)v

Typical cruise speed Pratt & Whitney PW4460 - 60,000 lbf (270 kN)


(3x) PW4462 - 62,000 lbf (280 kN) General Electric CF6-80C2D1F - 61,500 lbf (274 kN)

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ATAPart NumberA/C TypeRFQ
Glareshield Control Panel 4059002-903BOEING MD-11
Control Wheel Steering Sensor Assy 4059003-901BOEING MD-11
Autothrottle Servo 4059004-903BOEING MD-11
Elevator Load Feel/Flap Limiter Actuator 4059005-901BOEING MD-11
Display Unit 4059010-901BOEING MD-11
Display Electronics Unit 4059011-911BOEING MD-11
EISPANEL 4059013-901BOEING MD-11
HSCP 4059020-901BOEING MD-11
HSC 4059021-903BOEING MD-11
ECS 4059023-904BOEING MD-11
FSC 4059025-907BOEING MD-11
AFSC 4059026-902BOEING MD-11
MSC 4059027-903BOEING MD-11
APUCP 4059028-902BOEING MD-11
ASC 4059029-901BOEING MD-11
AICP 4059030-911BOEING MD-11
AFSCP 4059032-901BOEING MD-11
Flight Management Computer-1 Meg 4059050-913BOEING MD-11
Flight Management Computer, MD-11 4059050-921BOEING MD-11
Digital Air Data Computer 4059060-901BOEING MD-11
HF - TRANSCEIVER 23964-0452-001BOEING MD-11
TRANSCEIVER HF, XK516 23964-0452-012BOEING MD-11
HF COUPLER,FK516 23964-0453-001BOEING MD-11
HF COUPLER 00964-0453-011BOEING MD-11
FDAMS 967-0214-001BOEING MD-11
Inertial Reference Unit HG1150BD03BOEING MD-11


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