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BOEING DC-9 Aviation Parts

The DC-9 was intended specifically to work from short runways and on short- to medium-range routes in order for the speed, comfort and reliability of jet transportation could be lengthen to hundreds of communities formerly served only by propeller-driven airliners.

It is smaller than the DC-8 version.

Manufacturing of this aircraft is in Long Beach, California which is now the Division of Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

There are 5 primary DC-9 versions, designated These are the Series 10, Series 20, Series 30, Series 40 and Series 50.

The specifications of the Series 10 are:


up to 90 passengers


fuselage length - 104.4 feet (31.8 m)

Wingspan is 89.4 feet (27.2 m)


can be JT8D-5s or JT8D-7s

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ATAPart NumberA/C TypeRFQ
EGPWS 965-1076-001-216-216BOEING DC-9
EGPWS 965-1076-020-220-220BOEING DC-9
EGPWS 965-1076-020-222-222BOEING DC-9


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