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The 747-300 was the outcome of various Boeing studies for the purpose of increasing the aircraft's seating capacity. If we were to compare its upper deck to the -200, the -300's upper deck, it is stretched aft by around 24ft and 3 inches which increases the economy class seating from 32 to a maximum of 69. The extended upper deck added two new emergency exit.

Excluding the change in upper deck, the 747-300 is essentially the same as the 747-200 like they have the same takeoff weight and engine options.

Its variants are the 747-300M Combi and 747-300SR made for Japan Airlines in their domestic services.


747-300 - Flightcrew of three, with two pilots and one flight engineer. Typical two class seating arrangement for 470 (50 business class including 28 on the upper deck and 370 economy class).


Wing span 59.64m (195ft 8in), length 70.66m (231ft 10in), height 19.33m (63ft 5in). Wing area 511m2 (5500sq ft).


Operating empty 174,134kg (383,900lb) with JT9Ds, 175,721kg (387,400lb) with CF6-50s, 176,901kg (390,000lb) with CF6-80s or 178,171kg (392,800lb) with RB211s. Max takeoff 351,535kg (775,000lb), or 356,070kg (785,000lb), or 362,875kg (800,000lb), or 371,945kg (820,000lb), or 377,840kg (833,000lb).

Speed and Range

Max speed (with CF6-80s) 996km/h (538kt), max cruising speed 939km/h (507kt), economical cruising speed 907km/h (490kt), long range cruising speed 898km/h (485kt). Range with 400 passengers and reserves with JT9Ds 11,675km (6300nm), with CF650s 11,297km (6100nm), with CF6-80s 12,408km (6700nm), with RB211s 11,575km (6250nm)


Four 243.5kN (54,750lb) Pratt & Whitney JT9D7R4G2 turbofans, or 236.3kN (53,110lb) RollsRoyce RB211524D4s, or 233.5kN (52,500lb) General Electric CF650E2s, or 252.2kN (56,700lb) CF6-80C2B1s

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ATAPart NumberA/C TypeRFQ
WR RADAR RCVR XMTR 34066-50008-0406BOEING B747-300
CTL 5-40 RANGE GRY 071-01503-3801BOEING B747-300
HF - TRANSCEIVER 23964-0452-001BOEING B747-300
TRANSCEIVER HF, XK516 23964-0452-012BOEING B747-300
EGPWS 965-1076-001-216-216BOEING B747-300
EGPWS 965-1076-020-220-220BOEING B747-300
EGPWS 965-1076-020-222-222BOEING B747-300


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