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The Boeing 757-200 is considered a narrow-body commercial passenger aircraft. It was introduced by British Airways and Eastern Air Lines as a replacement for the Boeing 727 and started operation in 1983. The normal passenger versions of the 757-200 can accommodate from 186 to 279 passengers. As of October of 2008, there were a total of one thousand Boeing 757 aircraft being operated.

The 757-200 is the ultimate model and form from most of the 757s that were sold. It has the same fuselage cross section compared with the slighter This model can accommodate 228 passengers from a single class.

The 757-200 was presented in 2 varying door configurations. One model used 3 normal doors per side with an added smaller door on each edge for urgent evacuations. All the 8 door locations are outfitted with evacuation slides that are inflatable. The other model version is outfitted with 3 normal doors in each side.

The 757-200 launched an interior that was followed on all narrow body Boeing aircraft which includes the Boeing 737 Classics) not before the release of the Next Generation 737 which launched an modernized interior essentials from the Boeing 777-style interior.

The versions of this aircraft are the 757-200, 757-200F, and 757-300.

The specifications of 757-200 are the following


Cockpit crew Two (pilot, co-pilot)


Length 47.32 m (155 ft 3 in)

Wingspan 38.05 m (124 ft 10 in)

Height 13.56 m (44 ft 6 in)


Max. take-off weight 115,680 kg (255,000 lb)

Take-off Run at MTOW 9,550 ft (2,911 m)

Speed and Range

Cruise speed .80 Mach (530 mph, 458 knots, 850 km/h at 35,000 ft cruise altitude)


(2×) Rolls-Royce RB211, Pratt & Whitney PW2037, PW2040, or PW2043 turbofan engines

rated at 36,600 lbf (163 kN) to 43,500 lbf (193 kN) thrust each

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ATAPart NumberA/C TypeRFQ
TCAS 066-50000-2221BOEING 757-200
VOR/MARK. RECEIVER*RVA36B 34066-50012-0101BOEING 757-200
TRANSCEIVER-DME,DMA37B 34066-50013-0101BOEING 757-200
ADF RECEIVER,DFA-75B 34066-50014-0101BOEING 757-200
MULTI MODE RECEIVER 34066-50029-1101BOEING 757-200
AIR DATA COMPUTER 4040800-912BOEING 757-200


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