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The 737-500 series was introduced due to clients demand for straight replacement of the 737-200. It included the enhancements from the 737 Classic series; enabling longer routes but fewer passengers for the purpose of becoming more economical than with the B737-300.

It was introduced in the 1987. The first airline to place an order was Southwest Airlines. They ordered 20 aircraft and the initial flight was on June of 1989. FAA certification was granted on February on the following. Initial operation also took place in the same year.

This aircraft is considered a Short to medium range airliner. Like the previous models 737-300 and 737-400, the 737-500 is equipped by CFM International CFM56s turbofans

The 737-500's main attraction is for operators of earlier versions which are the 737-400 and 737-300 fleets. This model is shorter than the 300.

Its specifications are the following:


Cockpit Crew Two


Airplane Length 33.4 m (109 ft 7 in)

Wingspan 28.88 m (94 ft 9 in)

Airplane Height 11.13 m (36 ft 6 in)


Maximum take-off weight 62,820 kg (138,500 lb)

Maximum landing weight 51,700 kg (114,000 lb)

Speed and Range

Cruising speed (mach) 0.745

Maximum speed (mach) 0.82


(x2) 56-3B-1

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HF COUPLER 00964-0453-011BOEING 737-500


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