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A300-B2 Aviation Parts

Airbus A300-B2 is categorized as a medium range wide body airliner

It is important not only for being a business success in its own right, but for being the 1st model of Europe's most victorious postwar airliner manufacturer.

It was Aerospatiale of France, CASA of Spain and the forerunners of Germany's DaimlerChrysler Aerospace and British Aerospace that formed the Airbus Industrie consortium on 1960s intended to make a 300 seat wide body `air bus' with twin engine to answer an recognized market gap.

The first 300 seat airliner design evolved into a smaller 250-seater, the A300 description having a `B' suffix was used to denote the change. Two prototype A300B1s were made then the B2 came into service with Air France on May of 1974.

Capacity Seating for between 220 and 336 single class passengers in main cabin. Typical two class arrangement for 20 business class and 230 economy class passengers.
Dimension Wing area 260.0m2 (2798.7sq ft), height 16.53m (54ft 3in), Wing span 44.84m (147ft 1in), length 53.62m (175ft 11in).
Weights A300B2-200 - Operating empty 85,910kg (189,400lb), max takeoff 142,000kg (313,055lb)
  A300B4-200 - Operating empty 88,500kg (195,109lb), max takeoff 165,000kg (363,760lb)
Speed and Range A300B2-200 - Typical high speed cruising speed 917km/h (495kt), typical long range cruising speed 847km/h (457kt).
  Range with 269 passengers and reserves 3430km (1850nm). A300B4-200 - Same except range with 269 passengers and reserves 5375km (2900nm), range with max fuel 6300km (3400nm).
Engines A300B2/B4 - Two 227kN (51,000lb) General Electric CF6-50Cs or 236kN (53,000lb) Pratt & Whitney JT9D-9 turbofans.

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ATAPart NumberA/C TypeRFQ
PROCESSR 066-50000-2121AIRBUS A300-B2
RADAR 066-50008-0409AIRBUS A300-B2
CTL 5-40 RANGE GRY 071-01503-3801AIRBUS A300-B2
COMPUTER TCAS 34940-0300-001AIRBUS A300-B2
HF - TRANSCEIVER 23964-0452-001AIRBUS A300-B2
EGPWS 965-1076-001-216-216AIRBUS A300-B2
EGPWS 965-1076-020-220-220AIRBUS A300-B2
EGPWS 965-1076-020-222-222AIRBUS A300-B2


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