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ATAPart NumberManufacturerRFQ
Power Supply Model No. 416N-4 505-3705-003 Collins
Power Supply Model No.416N-5 505-3706-003 Collins
Receiver Model No.51R-3 505-4067-005 Collins
Audio Signal Generator Model No. 479S-3 505-4070 Collins
Omnirange Antenna Model No.37J-X 505-6800-004Collins
Dynaverter Model No.DV-103A 50500-0000Cessna
Calib Procedures For Piper 50565 Model No.152C42 50565Lewis
Converter Indicator Model No.IN-380A 50570-1000Cessna
Converter Indicator Model No. IN-380AC 50570-1200 Cessna
Course Indicator Model No. IN-382AC 50570-1210 Cessna
Converter Indicator Model No. IN-480AC 50570-1300 Cessna
VOR-LOC Indicator Model No. IN-480AC 50570-1300f Cessna
Course Indicator Model No. IN-482AC 50570-1310 Cessna
Converter Indicator Model No. IN-381A 50570-2000 Cessna
Converter Indicator Model No. IN-381AC 50570-2200 Cessna
Course Indicator Model No. IN-383AC 50570-2210 Cessna
400 Nav-Comm Indicator Model No. IN-481AC 50570-2300 Cessna
Course Indicator Model No.IN-483AC 50570-2310Cessna
R-Nav Indicator Model No. IN-483AC 50570-X310 Cessna
Hydraulic Pressure Transmitter Model No. 50579 50579 Kratos
RC-75 RMI Converter Model No.RC-75 506-0024-901BF Goodrich
Antenna Tuner Model No.180L-2 506-1199-004Collins
Course Indicator Model No. 331A-2 -Collins- 506-2239-005 Lear
DHC-8 Audio Integrating System Model No. 5060-1 5060-1 Avtech
DHC-8 Audio Integrating System Model No.5060-1-1 5060-1-1Avtech
DHC-8 Audio Integrating System Model No.5060-1-2 5060-1-2Avtech
Turn Coordinator Model No.TC-120 507-0020-901BF Goodrich
Connector Kit Model No. Connector Kit 50712-00X5 Honeywell
Lavatory Speaker Model No.5079-1 5079-1Avtech
Passenger Address Amplifier Model No.5082-1 5082-1Avtech
Cabin Interphone System Model No.5082-1-1 5082-1-1Avtech
Interphone Assembly Model No.5083 5083Avtech
Cabin Interphone System Model No.5083-1-1 5083-1-1Avtech
Cabin Interphone System Model No.5083-1-3 5083-1-3Avtech
Interphone Control Unit Model No.5088 5088Avtech
Attendant Control Unit Model No.5089-1 5089-1Avtech
300 Nav-Comm Model No. 508A 508A Cessna
Aim Turn and Slip Indicators Model No.TS-200-2 509-0001-903BF Goodrich
Aim Turn and Slip Indicators Model No.TS-200-2A 509-0001-905BF Goodrich
Aim Turn and Slip Indicators Model No.TS-200-2B 509-0001-909BF Goodrich
DME Control Unit Model No.C-477A 50930-0000Cessna
400 DME Transceiver Model No. RTA-477A 50950-0000 Cessna
400 Area Nav Computer -RNAV- Model No. RN-479A 50960-0000 Cessna
Indicator CabinTemperature Model No. 51-2004 51-2004 RC Allen
Indicator Duct Air Temperature Model No. 51-2005 51-2005 RC Allen
Dual Battery Temperature Indicator Model No. 51-4226 Series 51-4226 Aircraft Instrument - Development
5100 Series B Calibrators Instruction Manual Model No. 5100 5100 Fluke
Tach Generator Model No. 51000 51000 Piper
Antenna Coupler Unit -ACU- -standard H-Field- Model No. Antenna Coupler Unit -ACU- 510028-2 Litton
Antenna-Preamplifier-Filter Model No. Antenna-Preamplifier-Filter 510112-1 Litton
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