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ATAPart NumberManufacturerRFQ
DMU Tray Model No. DMU Tray 42701-1 Allied Signal
Mode Selector Model No. S-550A 42710-0000 Cessna
Transmitter Synchro Model No. 4273-38-03 4273-38-03 Edison
A-P AF-395A - Actuator Model No. PA-495A 42730 Cessna
Actuator Assembly Model No. PA-495A 42730-3008 Cessna
Actuator Model No. PA-495A 42730-4008 Cessna
Actuator Assembly Model No. PA-495A 42730-X00X Cessna
Actuator-Mount Assembly -28V- Model No. PA-295B 42730-XX08 Cessna
Receiver Accessory Model No. RA-846A 42750-0000 Cessna
Receiver Model No. R-843A 42760 Cessna
Control Transformer Synchro Model No. 4277-07 4277-07 Edison
Modulator Power Supply Model No. 427A-1 427A-1 Collins
Yaw Damper System Model No. YD-840B 42890-XX00 Cessna
Servo Alt Data Sheets Model No. 4289910XXX 4289910XXX Kollsman
Cabin and Cockpit Display Model No. 429 429 B-D
AERINC 429 Transmitter-Receiver Model No. 429-EX 429-EX JcAir
Antenna Model No. A-119A 42940-0000 Honeywell
ARINC Bus Analyzer Model No. 429A 429A Interface Technology
Differential Pressure Switch Model No. 42D49-1C 42D49-1C Custom Component
Differential Pressure Switch Model No. 42D49B 42D49B Custom Component
Pressure Switch Model No. 42D49C 42D49C Custom Component
Wattmeter Model No. 43 43 Bird Electronic Corp.
Keypad Model No. 2002 430-0251-1XX II Morrow
Keypad-GPS Model No. 2102 430-0251-3XX II Morrow
2001 GPS Model No. 2001GPS 430-0267-XXX II Morrow
2101 DZUS Model No. 2101 DZUS 430-0341-300 II Morrow
GPS-NAV Annunciation Control Unit Model No. Apollo ACU 430-5080-X00 UPS Aviation Technologies
2001 Navigation Management Computer Model No. 2001NMC 430-6005-XXX II Morrow
Nav-Comm Transceiver Model No. SL-30 430-6040-3XX II Morrow
GPS Model No. GX-50 430-6050-4XX UPS Aviation Technologies
GPS-Comm Model No. GX-60 430-6050-6XX UPS Aviation Technologies
GPS-Comm Model No. GX-65 430-6050-8XX UPS Aviation Technologies
4300- XXX Electric Attitude Indicator Model No. 4300- XXX 4300-XXX MID-CONTINENT
Data Transfer Unit Model No. DTU 43000-01-01-X Allied Signal
Vertical Speed Indicator Model No. 43010- - 43010 Kollsman
DTU Tray Model No. DTU Tray 43010-X Allied Signal
remote Directional Gyro Model No. 4305 Series 4305 Mid-Continent
Gyro Computer Model No. G-840A 43080-0000 Cessna
400 ADF Receiver Model No. R-446A 43090-1028 Cessna
400 ADF Receiver Model No. R-446A 43090-1X28 Cessna
400 ADF Receiver Model No. R-446A 43090-XXXX Cessna
Service Bulletins BRGA Model No. 432 - 479V 432-479V Collins
Encoding Altimeter Model No. EA-801A 43300-61X8 Cessna
Encoding Altimeter Model No. EA-801A 43300-6X28 Cessna
800 Series Altitude Alerter -Type AA-801A- Model No. AA-801A 43310-0000 Cessna
Dynaverter Model No. DV-101A 43320-0000 Cessna
Tandem Oscillating Light Assy Model No.43325 43325 Honeywell
400 Nav-Comm Transceiver Model No. RT-428A 43330-1128 Cessna
300 Nav-Com Model No. RT-328D 43340-0014 Cessna
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