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ATAPart NumberManufacturerRFQ
Direct Reading Pressure Gauge Model No. 329PG 329PG Smiths
Turn and Slip Indicator Model No. 329T-1 329T-1 Collins
Fuel Low Transducers AD Model No. 33184-1 33184-1 Aerosonic
Mounting- 4-Unit Model No. M-306G 33190 Cessna
Type II Synchrophaser Systems For Light Twin-Engine AircraftModel No. 33195 33195 Woodward
Type II Synchrophaser - Quick Guide For Pilots And Mechanics Model No.33196 33196Woodward
Course Indicator Model No. 331A-3C 331A-3C Collins
Directional Gyro Indicator Model No. 331P-1-1V 331P-1-1V Collins
500 Transceiver Model No. RT-302G-10 33200-1000 Cessna
Dual Temp - Data Sheets Model No. AN5795-6 33205 Edison
Receiver Model No. R-319G-10 33210-1000 Cessna
ADF 500 Receiver Model No. R-318G-10 33230-1000 Cessna
Receiver Model No. R-318G-10 33230-1X00 Cessna
Receiver Model No. R-318G-2 33230-XX00 Cessna
Radio Magnetic Indicator Model No. 332C-4 332C-4 Collins
Vertical Gyro Model No. 332D-12 332D-12 Collins
Vertical Reference Model No. 332D-9 332D-9 Collins
Rate Gyro Model No. 332G-2 332G-2 Collins
Radio Magnetic Indicator Model No. 3337 3337 Aeronetics
Radio Magnetic Indicator Model No. 3337-L-B 3337-L-B Aeronetics
Mounting- Single Model No. M-301G 33370-0000 Cessna
RMI Model No. 3337 3337L-B Aeronetics
Mounting Unit Model No. M-303G 33490-0000 Cessna
Primary Servo Model No. 334C-2 334C-2 Collins
Primary Servo Model No. 334C-6 - 334C-6 Collins
Primary Servo Model No. 334C-9-9A-11 334C-9 Collins
Trim Tab Servo Model No. 334D-2-33 334D-2-33 Collins
Trim Servo Model No. 334D-6 334D-6 Collins
Goniometer-Indicator Model No. IN-21C 33550 Arc
400 Nav Receiver Model No. R-542A 33560-1000 Arc
400 Comm Transceiver Model No. RT-532A 33570-100X Cessna
400 Comm Transceiver Model No. RT-532J 33570-3001 Cessna
Mounting Unit Model No. M-301G 33580-1000 Cessna
Position Ind Model No. 33600-C2A-1-A 33600-C2A-1-A1 US Military
Radial Selector Model No. 336A-1 336A-1 Collins
Radial Selector Model No. 336A-2 336A-2 Collins
Loop Antenna- Fixed Model No. L-318G 33890-1000 Cessna
Service Bulletins Air Transport Model No. 339 - 346 339-346 Collins
400 Nav-Comm Transceiver Model No. RT-522A 33950-XXXX Cessna
Indicator-Converter Model No. IN-522A 33970-0001 Arc
Distortion Measurement Set Model No. 339A 339A Hewlett Packard
Tester- Static and Pressure Model No. 3400-0003 3400-0003 Instrument Tech Corp.
C-FVDB Master Drawing List Model No. 340A 340A Cessna
Avionics Wiring Diagrams Model No. C-FVDB- S-N 340A1254 340A1254 Cessna
ADF System Model No. ADF-814 TSO 3410 Narco
Nav-Comm Transceiver Model No. RT-317 34100-1000 Cessna
Tachometer Ind - - Also- 3571260-7001- Model No. 34107C1AG13-1A3 34107C1AG13-1A3 Honeywell
Tach Indicator Model No. 34108C1AF13-1A3 34108C1AF13-1A3 Honeywell
Tach Indicator Model No. 34108C1AL13-1A3 34108C1AL13-1A3 Honeywell
Nav-Omni Receiver Model No. R-319G-1 34110-1000 Cessna
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