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Handset Assembly with HF PTT Model No. HS-10-01X 300-2293-01X Allied Signal
1-4 ATR RPU Tray Model No. 1-4 ATR RPU Tray 300-316761-01 Allied Signal
SCU Mounting Tray Model No. SCU Mounting Tray 300-317337-01 Allied Signal
Mounting Tray Model No. Mounting Tray 300-318006-01 Allied Signal
30001 Frame Assy Model No. 30001 30001 General Design
Torque Signal Conditioner - Partial Model No.30005 30005-XXX BF Goodrich
Receiver Processor Unit -1-2 ATR- Model No. Receiver Processor Unit -1-2 ATR- 30050-0X0X Honeywell
Receiver Processor Unit -1-2 ATR- Model No. RPU -1-2 ATR- 30050-0X0X-XXXX Honeywell
1-2 ATR Receiver Computer Unit Model No. RPU 30050-0XXX-XXX Allied Signal
Receiver Processor Unit Model No. GNS-X C-129 30050-XXXX-XXXX Allied Signal
RPU Tray Model No. RPU Tray 30053-1 Allied Signal
RPU Connector- 67-Pin Model No. RPU DPX Connector 30055-1 Honeywell
Flight Director Ramp Tester Model No. 3007-1- - 3007-1 Bierdeman
Flight Director Ramp Tester Model No. 3007-1-A 3007-1-A Bierdeman
300B Integrated Flight Control System Model No. 300B IF-550A 300BIF-550A Sperry
Emergency Power Supply - Test and Fault Isolation - Model No. 301-1180 301-1180 Nec
Terrain Awareness Warning System -TAWS- Receiver Model No. TAWS Receiver 3010-00-00 Universal
Terrain Awareness Warning System- 2 MCU Unit Model No. TAWS Receiver 3010-XX-XX Universal
Configuration Module Model No. Configuration Module 30101 Universal
Cabin Altitude and Differential Pressure Indicator -Data Sheets and Test Specs Model No. 3012 Series 3012 United Instruments
Vertical Velocity Ind Model No. RC-30V 30230-0160 Aerosonic
Instantaneous Vertical Speed Indicator Model No. ATP 319 30260-1117 Aerosonic
Controller Amplifier Model No. Controller Amplifier 30340-11XX Cessna
A-P 400A - Gyro Model No. G-520A 30370 Cessna
Directional Gyro Model No. Directional Gyro 30370-0100 Cessna
Receiver-Transmitter- 1 1-2 Nav-Comm 300 Model No. 514A 30410-1XXX Cessna
Stall Warning System Computer Model No. Stall Warning System Computer 3041692-3 Giannini
Mounting Unit Model No. M-514A 30420-0000 Cessna
30476 Support Assy Indicator Model No. 30476 30476 General Design
30481 Indicator Turn - Slip Model No. 30481 30481 General Design
VLF Loop Coupler Model No. VLF Loop Coupler 30490-1 Allied Signal
Attitude Gyros Model No. 305 SERIES 305 BF Goodrich
Altitude Data System Model No. 305154-00 305154-00 Sandia Aerospace
Stall Warning Computer Module Model No. 3052600-2 3052600-2 Conrac Corporation
VLF Preamplifier Model No. VLF Preamplifier 30600-1 Allied Signal
VLF Coupler-Preamplifier Unit Model No. VLF Coupler-Preamplifier Unit 30605-1 Honeywell
VLF Loop Coupler-Preamplifier Model No. VLF Loop Coupler-Preamplifier 30605-X Allied Signal
VHF NAV Course Indicator Model No. IN-10-2 30610-0000 Arc
Addendum to Model 207-307 Model No. 307 MK II 307 TCC
Cabin Air Temp Model No. 307-FCI 307-FCI Davtron
Altitude Alerter Model No. 3070 3070 Icarus
Altalert Model No. 3070G 3070G Icarus Instruments
Accessory Unit Mounting Model No. M-515A 30740 Cessna
Temp Sensor - Data Sheet Model No. 3080-00037 3080-00037 Rochester
Temp Sensor - Data Sheet Model No. 3080-00038 3080-00038 Rochester
GNS-XLS Connector Assembly Model No. GNS-XLS Connector Assembly 310-017956-01 Honeywell
Radio Magnetic Indicator Model No. 3100 3100 Aeronetics
Mach Airspeed Warning Switch Model No. 31004-A- - 31004-A Honeywell
Mach Airspeed Warning Switch Model No. 31006-A- - 31006-A Honeywell
Mach Airspeed Warning Switch Model No. 31007-A- - 31007-A Honeywell
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