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ATAPart NumberManufacturerRFQ
Vol 2-Synchro Diff -229-6009-000- Model No. CDSH-8A4L558 229-6009-000 Collins
Synchro Differential Model No. KDH-11-RS-3 229-6015-000 Collins
Synchro Transolver Model No. CSDH-8-A-2 229-6026-010 Collins
Synchro Transolver Model No. CSDH-8-BQ-2 229-6026-030 Collins
Synchro Transolver Model No. 4255-08-01 229-6027-010 Collins
Vol 2-Synchro Diff Rec -229-6029-010- Model No. CDH-8A2L615 229-6029-010 Collins
Vol 2-Synchro Diff -229-6032-010- Model No. CDH-8-A-04-A004 229-6032-010 Collins
Vol 2-Synchro Diff Resolve -229-6034-010 Model No. CDSH-8-L-5 229-6034-010 Collins
Synchro Resolver Model No. JSH-11-RS-2 229-7012-000 Collins
Synchro RF Resolver Model No. 10FB-1D 229-7027 Collins
VOL 2-Synchro Diff Resolve -229-7031-010 Model No. CDSH-8-BQ-4-A013 229-7031-010 Collins
Synchro Transolver Model No. HVC-8-A-7 229-7032-010 Collins
Synchro Differential Resolver Model No. 080DS3898B-L745 229-7034-010 Collins
DC Torque Motor Model No. D-1125-F-10T 229-8000-020 Collins
DC Torque Motor Model No. D-1125-P-7 229-8009-020 Collins
DC Torque Motor Model No. D-1125-P-10 229-8009-040 Collins
DC Torque Motor Model No. D-1500-E-6 229-8010-030 Collins
Altitude Control Model No. 590A-6 229-9015-010 Collins
Indicator Airspeed Sensor Model No. 590B-3 229-9016-010 Collins
VHF Nav Signal Data Converter Model No. B-13A-1 22900 Arc
Control Unit Model No. CC-12A 22970 Cessna
Tach Gen Model No. 22A623 22A623 Globe
Gyro Horizon - Customer Acceptance Specs Model No. 5000M-2 23-501 Sigma-Tek
Synchro Resolver Model No. 4013-08-01 230-0077-000 Collins
AC Synchronous Motor Model No. AYL-13-CS-5-C009 230-0545-010 Collins
Instrument Mechanism Model No. 55DH84A 230-0652-010 Collins
CMA-900 Mating Connector Kit Model No. CMA-900 Mating Connector Kit 230-601111-00X CMC
Turbine Temperature Indicating System Test Set Model No. 2312-G 2312-G Barfield Instrument Corp
Modular Airborne Data Recording-Acquisition Model No. Model FA23XX MADRAS CVDR 2315-1200 L3
Fixed Loop Antenna Model No. 2321E 2321E Motorola
Fault Current Detector Model No. Fault Current Detector 2326-1 Autronics Corporation
Glideslope Signal Generator Model No. 232A 232A Hewlett Packard
Window and Heat Module Assembly- P5-9 Model No. P5-9 233A3201-2XXX Boeing
Dynaverter Model No. DV-12A 23400-00XX ARC
Power Converter Model No. 2357A 2357A Lear
Mounting -for B-20B- Model No. M-41B 23740-0000 Arc
DC Current Detector Model No. DC Current Detector 2379-1 Autronics Corporation
DC Current Sensor Model No. DC Current Sensor 2379-2 Autronics Corporation
Charger- Dual-Rate- Fan Cooled- 20-40 Amps Model No. Charger- Dual-Rate 237BC101-1 Acme-Utah
Marathon - Nickel Cadmium Aircraft Batteries Model No. 24-34-00 24-34-00 Marathon Norco Aerospace
STC. NO. SA2622NM Model No. 2400-25-4-4 2400-25-4-4 Precise Flight- Inc.
Pulselite Model No. 2400-25-44 2400-25-44 Precise Flight
Connector Kit Model No. Connector Kit 241-601111-00X CMC
Pulselite Model No. 2410-2 2410-2 Precise Flight
Voltage Converter -24V to 12V- Model No. 2412 2412 Astron Corporation
Business-Industrial Two-Way Radio Model No. Messenger 202 242-03X Johnson
VHF-AM Aeronautical Two Way Radio Model No. COMCO 727 242-0727 Johnson
Business-Industrial Two-Way Radio Model No. Messenger 303 242-151 Johnson
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