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ATAPart NumberManufacturerRFQ
Proximity Warning Indicator Model No. PWI PWI Genave
RPM -R-1- Model No. R-1-18-G30- - R-1-18-G30 Electronics International
RPM -R-1- Model No.R-1-4-G30- - R-1-4-G30Electronics International
RPM -R-1- Model No.R-1-6-G30- - R-1-6-G30Electronics International
RPM -R-1- Model No.R-1-6-Y30- - R-1-6-Y30Electronics International
RPM -R-1- Model No.R-1-7-G30- - R-1-7-G30Electronics International
RPM -R-1- Model No.R-1-8-G30- - R-1-8-G30Electronics International
RPM -R-1- Model No.R-1-9-G30- - R-1-9-G30Electronics International
ADF Receiver Model No. R-1046A R-1046A Cessna
10-Channel Remote-Operated Transceiver Model No. R-1050B R-1050B Brelonix
Receiver -520-1500 KC- Model No. R-10A R-10A ARC
Radio Receiver Model No. R-1106-ARN-73 R-1106-ARN-73 ARC
Receiver -190-550 KC- Model No. R-11A R-11A ARC
Receiver -108-135 mc- Model No.R-15 R-15ARC
1-Channel Remote-Operated Transceiver Model No.R-150B R-150BBrelonix
28V Receiver -118-148 mc- Model No.R-19 R-19Arc
Loran Receiver Model No.R-20 R-20Arnav
Loran Receiver Model No. R-21 R-21 Arnav
Loran With V208--V210--V211- Model No. R-21-NMS R-21-NMS Arnav
Lorans Model No.R-25-50 R-25-50Arnav
Receivers Model No.R-30 R-30Aircraft Radio Corporation
ReceiversModel No.R-30A R-30AAircraft Radio Corporation
400 ADF Model No.R-318G-2 R-318G-2Cessna
Nav-Omni 500Model No. R-319G R-319G Cessna
Receiver Model No.R-33A R-33AArc
400 ADF Model No. R-346A R-346A Cessna
400 ADF Receiver Model No. R-346E R-346E Cessna
Loran Receiver Model No. R-40 -AVA-1000- R-40 Arnav
400 Marker Beacon Model No.R-402A R-402ACessna
400 Marker Beacon Model No. R-402B R-402B Cessna
400 Glideslope Model No. R-443A R-443A Cessna
400 Glide Slope Model No.R-443A-B R-443A-B Cessna
400 Glideslpoe Model No.R-443B R-443B Cessna
400 ADF Model No.R-446A R-446A Cessna
400 Transponder Model No. R-459A R-459A Cessna
400 DME Model No.R-476A R-476A Cessna
Loran Receiver Model No. R-50 R-50 Arnav
Marker Beacon Receiver Model No. R-502A R-502A ARC
300 Marker Beacon Model No. R-502B R-502B Cessna
5-Channel Remote-Operated Transceiver Model No. R-505B R-505B Brelonix
400 Transponder Model No.R-506A R-506ACessna
Loran Navigation System Model No.R-50i R-50iArnav
300 ADF Model No.R-521A-B R-521A-B Cessna
300 ADF Model No.R-521B R-521B Cessna
300 Transceiver Model No. R-524A R-524A Cessna
300 Nav-Omni Model No. R-525A R-525A Cessna
400 Glideslope Model No. R-543A R-543A Cessna
400 Glide Slope Model No. R-543B R-543B Cessna
300 ADF Model No. R-546A-E R-546A-E Cessna
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