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Tachometer Model No.6502 850083-507 Insco
Digital Multimeter Model No. 8502A 8502A Fluke
Engineering Data Sheets Model No. 850580-517 850580-517 Ametek
Spectrum Analyzer Model No. 8552B 8552B Hewlett Packard
Lightning Detection System Processor Model No. WX-1000E 856-0072-010 Collins
Lightning Detection System Antenna Model No. WX-1000 ANT 856-0072-020 Collins
WX-1000E Mounting Tray Model No. WX-1000E Mounting Tray 856-0072-030 Collins
Remote Electronics Unit Model No. REU 856-0073-010 Collins
REU Mounting Tray Model No. REU Mounting Tray 856-0073-040 Collins
Audio Control Panel Model No. ACP 856-0073-0X0 Collins
Inertial Reference Unit Model No. LTN-101 856-0075-010 Collins
Mode Select Unit Model No. MSU 856-0075-0X0 Collins
Angle-of-Attack Sensor Model No. AOA 856-0077-010 Collins
LTN-101 IRU Mounting Tray Model No. LTN-101 IRU Mounting Tray 856-0078-010 Collins
TTR-920-TTR-921 Mounting Tray Model No. TTR-920-TTR-921 Mounting Tray 856-0078-020 Collins
RPM Indicator Model No. SEL-0C29DF 85C0054 Ametek
Interturbine Temperature Indicator Model No. SEL-OC19DW 85C0055 Ametek
Interburbine Temperature Indicator Model No. SEL-OC19EK 85C0325 Ametek
Horsepower Torquemeter Indicator Model No. 86-600 86-600 Avmar
VHF-AM Mobile Transceiver Model No. 860605 860605 Techniconic Industries Limited
Distance Measuring Equipment -DME- Model No. 860E-2 860E-2 Collins
Service Bulletins Air Transport Model No. 860F 860F Collins
Radio Altimeter Model No. 860F-1 860F-1 Collins
Transceiver Model No. 90-6R 861605 Technisonic
Transceiver Model No. 91-DE 861605-2 Technisonic
Signal Generator -0.1-990 Mhz- Model No. 8656B 8656B Hewlett Packard
Temp Sensor - Data Sheet Model No. 86685-2 86685-2 Rochester
Multimeter Model No. 87 87 Fluke
Aisle Light Model No. Aisle Light 87-3-1001 Intervalve
Exit Identifier Model No. Exit Identifier 87-3-1002 Intervalve
Emerg Lighting Sys - Function Test Model No. Dash 7 Aircraft 87-3-1002-1-2 Intervalve
Control Module for Aisle Lights and Exit Lights Model No. Control Module 87-3-203X-X-X Intervalve
Microphone- Shure Model Model No. 488T 87151 Sunair
Fixed Attenuators Model No. 874-G 874-G GenRad
Voltmeter Detector Model No. 874-VQ 874-VQ GenRad
Voltmeter Detector Model No. 874-VQL 874-VQL GenRad
Clock- Mechanical Aircraft Model No.87500 87500 Aerosonic
Yaw Flight Control System Model No. 8753 8753 S-TEC
Integrated Flight Controls Model No. 60-1 8755 S-TEC
Model No. 20-30-30 ALT 8764 S-TEC
Slip-Skid Sensor Model No. 4100 87C005-01 Allied Signal
Altitude Encoder with Trimble Loran-GPS Serial Interface Model No. 8800T 8800T Shadin
Digital Multimeter Model No. 8810A 8810A Fluke
Sound Level Meter Model No. 884-2 884-2 Simpson
Encoding Altimeter Model No. 8845152010 88451512020 Kollsman
Sound Level Calibrator Model No. 890-2 890-2 Simpson
Altitude Management and Alert System Model No. AMS-2000 8900 Shadin
Cockpit Voice Recorder System - Install Kit Model No. 89090-003-120 89090-003-120 B-D Instruments
Cockpit Voice Recorder System Model No. ARINC 557 89090-003-XXX B-D Instruments
Cockpit Voice Recorder System Model No. ARINC 557 89091-003-XXX B-D Instruments
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