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Thinline II 60 Pin Connector Kit Model No. Thinline II 60 Pin Connector Kit 634-1021-001 Collins
Thinline II 52 Pin-2 Coax Connector Kit Model No. Thinline II 52 Pin Connector Kit 634-1022-001 Collins
WXR-220 Mating Connector Kit Model No. WXR-220 Mating Connector Kit 634-1152-001 Collins
Air Data Adapter Model No. ADA-85 634-2695-001 Collins
Inclinometer- normally mounted on the EADI Model No. INC 634-4320-005 Collins
ADF-60 Antenna Model No. ANT-60B 635-1831-002 Collins
Digital Radio Altimeter Indicator Model No. DRI-55 635-2293 Collins
Two-Four Wire DTMF Telephone-Remote Model No. 637D 637D CALGARY CONTROL
Radio Remote Control Unit - Data Sheet Model No. 637F 637F CALGARY CONTROL
FMU Mount Model No. FMU Mount 640-60100X-00X CMC
ST-60 - Gyro Model No. 6401 6401 S-TEC
ST-60 - Turn Coordinator Model No. 6403 6403 S-TEC
Airspeed Indicator Model No. 64040-860-1 64040-860-1 Thales
Airspeed Indicator Model No. 64040-863-1 64040-863-1 Thales
Turn Coordinator Model No. 6405- - 6405 S-TEC
Airspeed Indicators Model No. 64050-66X-1 64050-66X-1 Sextant
ST-60 - Gyro Model No. 6406 6406 S-TEC
Turn Coordinator Model No. 6407- - 6407 S-TEC
Altimeter Model No. 64111-900-1 64111-900-1 - Sextant - Thales
Counter-Pointer Altimeter Model No. 64111-940-1 64111-940-1 Sextant -Jaeger-
Altimeter Model No. 64111-950-1 64111-950-1 Thales
Altimeter Model No. 64111-951-1 64111-951-1 Thales
Altimeter Model No. 64111-952-1 64111-952-1 Thales
Altimeter Model No. 64111-953-1 64111-953-1 Thales
Altimeter Model No. 64111-992-1 64111-992-1 Thales
Altimeter Model No. 64141-360-1 64141-360-1 Thales
Altimeter Model No. 64141-361-1 64141-361-1 Thales
Altimeter Model No. 64141-362-1 64141-362-1 Thales
Altimeter Model No. 64141-370-1 64141-370-1 Thales
Altimeter Model No. 64141-372-1 64141-372-1 Thales
Counter-Pointer Altimeters Model No. 64141-520-1 64141-520-1 Thomson
Counter-Pointer Altimeters Model No. 64141-530-1 64141-530-1 Thomson
Counter-Pointer Altimeters Model No. 64141-5XX-1 64141-5XX-1 Sextant
Counter-Pointer Altimeters Model No. 64142-540-1 64142-540-1 Sextant
Direct Reading Pressure Gauge Model No. 641PG 641PG Smiths
Direct Reading Pressure Gauge Model No. 642PG 642PG Smiths
Clock- 8 Day Integrally Lighted Model No. 643-24 643-24 WAKMANN
Vertical Speed Inc. Model No. 643K-04 643K-04 Kollsman
6441 Bezel Assy Model No. 6441 6441 General Design
DC Power Supply SCR-3 series Model No. 6459A 6459A Hewlett Packard
Indicator- Attitude DC Synchro Model No. 647440-02 647440-02 Link - General Precision Systems -
Clock- 8 Day Integrally Lighted Model No.648-24 648-24WAKMANN
Radio-Line Remote Adapter - Data Sheet Model No. 648B 648B CALGARY CONTROL
6494 Support Assy Indicator Model No. 6494 6494 General Design
Directional Gyro Ind Model No. AN5735 649742 Garwin
Acceptance Test Procedure for P-N 65-0075- - - Light Indicator Model No. 65-0075 65-0075 Grimes
Twilighter Series Model No.MK-III 65-00XXHoskins
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